Zedosh Announces £250,000 pre-seed investment round

by | Feb 19, 2021 | News

London 19th February.

Fintech start-up takes aim at digital advertising industry to solve challenges of hate, misinformation and attention.

Yesterday, Zedosh Limited, a London-based start-up announced that the company has secured over £250,000 of pre-seed funding to bolster their bid to disrupt the digital advertising industry. The company has already released an invite-only app and is working with brands and media agencies to build out their vision for an Attention Exchange.

“You only have to spend a few moments online before you can see the problem we’re addressing. We are all subject to irrelevant, interruptive or inappropriate marketing that exploits our data to target us, badly. It’s a bad deal for both sides of the market and brands are looking for an alternative model,” said Alistair Hutchinson, COO at Zedosh.

Positive customer impact

We are all consumers of advertising; it is the price we pay to access ‘free’ platforms and content. However, with increasing focus on the social, financial and ethical impact these platforms are having on the world around us, Zedosh is setting out to build a new model where the fair value exchange between brands and consumers can take place. Well & Truly, a healthy crisps company, recently committed to publishing one of their naughtyish campaigns on the platform, paying users directly to watch it.

“We have been keeping abreast of Zedosh’s progress over the last 6 months and are delighted to be part of what could be a transformative medium for brands to connect meaningfully with consumers,” said Katie O’Rourke, Marketing Manager, Well & Truly. “As a challenger brand, we recognise consumers’ attention online is finite and therefore very valuable. It can be difficult to stand out amongst all the noise and Zedosh provides that direct value exchange whilst keeping our brand safe from inappropriate content.”


Although at a very early stage, the Zedosh platform already consists of a secure client portal and iOS and Google Play apps for consumers. The apps, targeted at Gen Z are available to download now but a waiting list is in place. Links to both apps can be found at www.zedosh.com.

Founded in November 2019, Zedosh is a fintech with the mission to build a fair, safe and ethical Attention Exchange.




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